Understanding the Sales Dashboard

Admin: Corporate Admin
Page: Sales > Sales Dashboard
URL: [CLIENTID].corpadmin.directscale.com/Corporate/Sales/Dashboard
Permission: ViewSales()

The Sales Dashboard provides you with a snapshot of your sales for the selected period.

Enabling the Period Selector

There is an option to enable a Period Selector that allows switching between weekly and monthly sales summaries. Use this Period Selector in the Sales Dashboard to display either a weekly or monthly sales period. The data will change to reflect the chosen period.

Period Selector in the Sales Dashboard page

To enable the Sales Dashboard Period Selector, contact Customer Care.

⚠ Two Minute Cache

The Sales Dashboard has a two-minute TTL (time to live); meaning, that the data shown will not update when you refresh the page because it is cached. You will have to wait two minutes between page refreshes to see the updated numbers.

Currency Type

The numbers shown are in USD regardless of the inventory item currency type. The currency type is converted to USD using the Exchange Rate entered in the Currency page.

Exchange Rate column

Sales Tiles

Sales Tiles

The Sales Tiles data represents combined totals for all Countries where Associates can place orders for the selected period (weekly or monthly).

Positive/Negative Growth Percentages

Positive/Negative Growth Percentages

Represented by green (positive) and red (negative) arrows. The growth percentage is calculated by comparing the current elapsed time in the period to the same elapsed time in the previous period.

For example, your period is set to Monthly, and today’s date is August 5th. Your period, therefore, started on August 1st.

The positive/negative percentage growth shown is what the current numbers are compared to July 1st--5th (the same elapsed time as the current period), not the entire month of July (entire period).

So, if there is positive growth, then that means you’re doing better from August 1st--5th than you were from July 1st--5th.

New Sales

New Sales tile

New Sales are orders placed by Associates for the first time or the first time in the last two elapsed periods.

An Associate that has been dormant for a couple of periods could show up in the data. This number does not take Associate Types into account, so customers that checkout as a "Guest" will always count as a new sale.

Recurring Sales

Recurring Sales tile

If an Associate placed an order in both the current and previous periods, the period order counts as a Recurring Sale. The positive/negative percentage growth represents the difference between this period’s recurring sales and those of the last period. Last period’s Recurring Sales are calculated by comparing Associates' orders two periods ago to their orders from the last period.

Total Sales

Total Sales tile

This tile combines data from the ORD_Order and ORD_OrderTotals tables for the selected period (weekly or monthly). The positive/negative percentage growth represents the difference between this period’s total sales and those of the last period.

The start date is two periods ago and the end date is today. The number displayed in the Total Sales tile is the total amount of sales converted to USD for the given period. This data is for all Countries you have set up.

  This excludes orders made with reward points, as well as voided orders.

Total Orders

Total Orders tile

Calculated the same as Total Sales, but instead displays the number of orders for the period.

Average Order

Average Order tile

Average Order calculates all the sales for the period divided by the number of orders showing the average order cost.


Autoships tile

This tile represents the number of AutoShip orders placed and not the total number of AutoShips your company has.

This is calculated the same way as Total Sales but excludes everything except the Autoship Order Type (OrderType = 2), as well as displays the order number count instead of the currency sales number.

Sales History

Sales History graph

This graph displays the month-to-month sales trends for the current year compared to the previous year.

  • Lighter line - previous year.

  • Darker line - current year.

Sales History by Order Type

Sales History by Order Type graph

This bar chart shows the Total Sales for each month over a year but breaks them down by Order Type:

  • Standard (green)

  • Autoship (gray)

  • Enrollment (blue)

Enrollment is any order with the Enrollment Order Type (OrderType = 3), so any inventory item with the Order Type set to Enrollment will have its sales data display in the bar chart under Enrollment.

Sales by Country

Sales by Country map

This data shown is for the current period and is the same as the Total Sales tile, but is split based on the Countries (CountryCode) you have configured.

The map visual will shade in the countries in which you are active; the darker the shade, the greater the total sales.

Hover your mouse over a country to see the total sales for that country or refer to the table shown in the following image.

Country map table
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