Web Office Customization Guide

The Web Office is an empowering, one-stop source for your new and existing Associates where they can:

  • Place and check orders for themselves and their team
  • Communicate with their organization
  • View their commissions
  • Update their AutoShip
  • Find an event
  • View reports
  • Learn how to grow their business.

The Web Office has a default setup and, for the most part, is ready to use. However, there is additional customization you can do.

To customize the widgets available on specific pages

  1. Web Office Homepage.
  2. Web Office Team Dashboard.
  3. Web Office Settings page.
  4. Web Office Support page.

For basic customization

  1. Upload files and assets in Web Office Admin.
  2. Learn about Multi-Faceted Configuration (MFC) in Web Office Admin.
  3. Learn about publishing to Web Office Admin Stage environment.
  4. Add Web Office navigation links.
  5. Add Web Office banners.
  6. Adding Visual Tree icons.
  7. Upload Web Office background images.
  8. Configure share options.
  9. Add words blocked for use in Associate webaliases.
  10. Manage Web Office Community blocked words and phrases.

To add Web Office content

  1. Upload Web Office documents and media resources.
  2. Create Web Office training courses.
  3. Add events to the Web Office Calendar.
  4. Add social posts to the Quick Share widget.
  5. Add testimonials.

For Localization

  1. Web Office Localization.
  2. Learn how to manage translations in Web Office Admin.

For more advanced customization

  1. Customize the Web Office Visual Tree.
  2. Add Google Analytics tracking for the Web Office.
  3. Add Web Office Login page restrictions.
  4. Configure the Placement Suite.
  5. Add external pages to Admin navigation.
  6. Add Web Office login redirects.
  7. Create Web Office login pop-ups.
  8. Learn about the Web Office Admin Activity Log

To learn how to use Web Office features

For custom content

Visit: Developer Documentation

On this site, you’ll find resources to:

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