Platform Setup

  1. Platform Setup Guide
  2. Setting Up a Custom Domain, SSL Certificate, and CNAMES
  3. Setting Up a Default Webalias
  4. Adding Associate Types
  5. Building Back Office IDs
  6. Customizing Replicated Site URLs
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Web Office Customization

  1. Web Office Customization Guide
  2. Web Office Homepage Configuration
  3. Web Office Team Dashboard
  4. Web Office Settings Page
  5. Web Office Support Page
  6. Uploading Files and Assets in Web Office Admin
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eCommerce Shop Customization

  1. eCommerce Shop Customization Guide
  2. Setting Up Shopping Carts For the eCommerce Shop
  3. Setting Up the Default Enrollment Application
  4. Activating/Deactivating Company Settings
  5. Customizing the Header in the Shop Site
  6. Customizing the Shop's Footer
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Web Office Widgets

  1. Home > Banners Widget
  2. Home > Ranks Information Widget
  3. Home > Calendar Widget
  4. Home > Marketing Sites Widget
  5. Home > Training Courses Widget
  6. Home > Community Widget
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Advanced Settings

  1. Enabling/Disabling Advanced Features
  2. Web Office Admin Advanced Settings Guide
  3. eCommerce Admin Company Settings Guide


  1. Introduction to Associates
  2. Finding Associates
  3. Adding Associates
  4. Editing Associates
  5. Deleting Associates
  6. Viewing an Associate’s Detail Summary
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  1. Platform Reporting Guide
  2. Report Functionality and User Interface
  3. Viewing Pre-Built Associate Reports
  4. Viewing Pre-Built Sales Reports
  5. Using the SQL Manager to View Data
  6. SQL Query Library
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  1. Communication Guide
  2. Email Templates and Settings Guide
  3. Enabling Email Templates
  4. Setting up the Email Templates Subject Field
  5. Integrating with a Third-Party SMTP Service
  6. Configuring SMTP Settings
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  1. Creating Test Orders Guide
  2. Using the Test Merchant
  3. Using Offline Payments
  4. Creating Orders for Associates in the Corporate Shop
  5. Adjusting Shipping and Tax on Orders
  6. Creating Discount SKUs
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Compensation Plans

  1. Compensation Plan Types and Tree Structures
  2. Generations and Compression Rules
  3. DirectScale Default Compensation Plan Explained
  4. Using the Grid Compensation Plan Editor
  5. Using the XML Compensation Plan Editor
  6. Creating a Basic Compensation Plan
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  1. Coupons Guide
  2. Enabling the Coupons Component in Corporate Office
  3. Allowing Coupons in the Web Office Shopping Carts
  4. Allowing Coupons in the eCommerce Shop Carts
  5. Enabling Coupon Confirmation Pop-up
  6. Requesting the Web Office Coupon Code Field
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Payment Provider (Merchant) Integrations

  1. Payment Providers Integration Guide
  2. Setting Up and Paying Commissions with Checks
  3. Creating an Account with a Payment Provider
  4. Adding Payment Provider Credentials
  5. Setting Up a Money Out Payment Provider
  6. Money In/Out Merchant IDs
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Inventory Items and Pricing

  1. Inventory Items and Pricing Guide
  2. Adding an Inventory Item
  3. Entering the Item's Name and Details
  4. Configuring Inventory Item Data
  5. Understanding Order Types
  6. Adding Inventory Prices and Discounts
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  1. AutoShips Guide
  2. Selecting AutoShip Frequency Options
  3. Configuring AutoShip Date Rules for Web Office
  4. Configuring AutoShip Date Rules for the eCommerce Shop
  5. Allowing AutoShip Frequency Options for the eCommerce Shop
  6. Setting Up AutoShip Shopping Carts
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Launching a New Market

  1. Launching in a New Market Guide
  2. Adding Currencies
  3. Adding Countries and Languages
  4. Adding Regions and Locales
  5. Localizing Inventory Items
  6. Adding A New Market Inventory Price Adjustment
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Auditing and Paying Commissions

  1. Auditing and Paying Commissions Guide
  2. Creating a Commission Profile
  3. Auditing Commission Profiles
  4. Creating Commission Overrides
  5. Committing a Commission Profile
  6. Reviewing and Adjusting Payables
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Inventory Management

  1. Inventory Management Guide
  2. Adding Categories
  3. Adding Stores
  4. Configuring Warehouses
  5. Setting Up a Shipping Method
  6. Understanding Shipping Synchronization
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Tax Provider Integration

  1. Tax Service Provider Integration Guide
  2. Creating an Account with a Tax Service Provider
  3. Entering Tax Service Provider Credentials
  4. Configuring Tax Error Behavior and Backup Services
  5. Viewing the Fallback Tax Reconciliation Report
  6. Enabling Tax Calculations Based on Taxjar's Locale Nexus
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Employee Setup

  1. Employee Setup Guide
  2. Assigning Employee Corporate Office Permission Roles
  3. Adding Employees (Admin Users)
  4. Managing Admin Users and Roles
  5. Editing an Employee's Profile
  6. Updating Your Employee Profile
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Stock Levels

  1. Stock Levels Guide
  2. Toggling Out Of Stock Status in Web Office Admin
  3. Toggling Out Of Stock Status in eCommerce Admin
  4. Setting Inventory Item Out Of Stock Status
  5. Adding Stock Settings for Shopping Carts in Web Office Admin
  6. Adding Stock Settings for Shopping Carts in eCommerce Admin
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Subscriptions (Services)

  1. Subscriptions (Services) Guide
  2. Setting up a Subscription SKU
  3. Adding Subscription Data to the Database
  4. Testing a Subscription
  5. Viewing an Associate's Subscription
  6. Editing a Subscription's Expiration Date

Returns and Refunds

  1. Returns and Refunds Guide
  2. Generating a Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) in Web Office
  3. Generating a Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) in Corporate Office
  4. Marking the Return as Shipped
  5. Viewing and Printing Return Merchandise Authorizations (RMAs)
  6. Receiving the Return
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FTP Site 3PL Integration

  1. FTP Site 3PL Integration Guide
  2. Setting up the FTP Site Hierarchy
  3. Entering FTP Site 3PL Provider Credentials
  4. Configuring Warehouses to Use FTP Site
  5. Configuring Inventory Items to be Shippable
  6. Downloading and Uploading Files to and from DirectScale
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Reward Points

  1. Reward Points Guide
  2. Turning On Reward Points in Web Office Admin
  3. Enabling the Reward Points Component in Corporate Office
  4. Allowing Orders in the Rewards Store
  5. Allowing Reward Points in Shopping Carts
  6. Configuring Inventory Items to use Rewards Points
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Supported 3PL Implementation

  1. Supported 3PL Implementation Guide
  2. Integrating with the Enlinx or EU Globe SFTP Site
  3. Entering Supported 3PL Credentials
  4. Configuring Warehouses to Use Supported 3PLs
  5. Visible SCM (IntegraCore) 3PL Code Explained
  6. Visible SCM (IntegraCore) Troubleshooting

Managing Sales

  1. Enabling/Disabling the Sales Section
  2. Understanding the Sales Dashboard
  3. Viewing Orders
  4. Viewing Invoices
  5. Viewing Payments

Custom Content

  1. Custom Content
  2. Creating Custom eCommerce Shop Pages
  3. Modifying eCommerce Shop Page Templates
  4. Hook Helper Guide
  5. Overriding the Default Header Component
  6. Creating a Custom Countdown Web Office Widget
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Fraud Prevention

  1. Fraud Prevention Guide
  2. Entering Kount Fraud Prevention Credentials
  3. Entering ThreatMetrix Fraud Prevention Credentials
  4. Testing the Fraud Prevention Order Process

Data Editor

  1. Using the Data Editor