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Has anyone developed a mechanism that allows for a Customer Service agent to override the sales price of an item and ship a "free" item or order as a make good instead of managing the DirectScale way of an "Adj" sku that effectively creates a free order but distorts financials?  How are people dealing with the lack of OMS capability in this area?


  • Hi, Craig,

    I'm wondering, could you create a coupon code for 100% off, that could be applied in the order created by the call center agent in Disco? I'm just thinking of any way we could create a clear accounting for the full discount... in the case below, I created a 100% off coupon for a particular $40 item, of which there were two in the cart. When I applied the coupon, it did take 100% off one of the items. 

    Would this help answer the free item problem?

  • Craig,

    In addition to a coupon code targeting a particular SKU as Russell mentioned above, you could also create a single, order-level coupon that would give 100% off the order. You would want to ensure that, when this coupon was used by a corporate employee, it was only used on Corporate Store orders where all items were considered replacement or "make good", since the entire order would be discounted to $0.00.

    Incidentally, this approach of applying a coupon discount during checkout from the Corporate Admin Store is the same approach used by many other ecommerce systems instead of direct overrides of the sales price (which can have unintended consequences itself). Shopify, for example, employs this same approach:


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