Integrating with BitPay

BitPay is a payment service provider platform that offers Bitcoin and Bitcoin cash payment services. To begin your BitPay integration, you must first create an account with BitPay. We recommend creating an account for production and another for testing purposes. Once you have completed the initial account setup, you can configure BitPay to work with DirectScale.

BitPay Setup

  1. Access the BitPay Setup page in Corporate Admin using a direct URL in the following format: https://[CLIENTID].corpadmin.directscale[ENVIRONMENT].com/Corporate/Admin/BitPaySetup
    BitPay Setup page
  2. Check the IsLive? box if configuring BitPay for your production environment. Otherwise, leave this unchecked.
    IsLive? checkbox
  3. Enter a ClientApplicationName. Choose a name you will recognize, as this name will appear when pairing with BitPay.
  4. Enter a SecurityFilename.
      The SecurityFilename must not contain any spaces or special characters.
    BitPay Setup fields
  5. Click Save Settings.
    Save Settings button
  6. Select Generate Key. This button will only appear if the filename does not exist and all fields are complete.
    Generate Key button

    A Pairing Code will generate.

      This code is valid for 24 hours. 
    Pairing Code
  7. Highlight the code and press Cntrl+C to copy the code to your clipboard

Managing API Tokens

Now that you have successfully generated and copied the Pairing Code, it is time to enter it on the Manage API Tokens page.

  1. Log in to your BitPay dashboard.
  2. Select Payment Tools from the side navigation menu.
    Payment Tools
  3. Click on the API Tokens section.
    API Tokens section
  4. Paste the Pairing Code into the search field and click Find.

    Search and Find

    The Client ID will appear if the entry was successful.

  5. Click Approve.

    Approve button

    The DirectScale Client appears in your Tokens list. Your BitPay DirectScale integration is now complete.

    Tokens list

Mapping BitPay

Admin: Corporate Admin
Page: Settings > Company Settings > Payment Methods
URL: [CLIENTID].corpadmin.directscale[ENVIRONMENT].com/Corporate/Admin/CountryPaymentMap
Permission: ViewAdministration()

To make BitPay available, you must map it to your regions and stores.

  Once mapped, BitPay can be utilized in Web Office or Retail. However, due to security measures, payments cannot be collected within Corporate Admin.

Refer to Mapping New Market Payment Methods for an in-depth guide on mapping a new Payment Method.

Testing BitPay

Before you begin testing BitPay, you will need to complete the following tasks:

To test BitPay transactions:

  1. Impersonate an Associate
  2. Add the test inventory item to your cart.

    You navigate to the Order Checkout page.

  4. Select BitPay from the Add Payment section.
      Do not select BitPay from Saved Payment Methods.
  5. Click FINISH.
  6. Log in to BitPay.
  7. Select your Wallet and Currency.
  8. Click Pay In Wallet.
  9. Click Pay.

    A confirmation message will appear to confirm if the payment was successful.

  10. Select Return to DirectScale to return to the Order Complete page in Web Office.
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