Viewing Web Office Admin Activity Log

Admin: Web Office Admin
Page: Security > Activity Log
Permission: Activity Log

The Activity Log tracks any saved Admin user activity specifically for the Web Office Admin.

Some sections reflect adjustments to elements/pages/settings on the Activity Log page. These sections show a high-level view of the change made.

Contracted view

Expanding the activity will show the parameters changed, including all the custom configurations.

Expanded view
Page Filter example

The Page Filter helps narrow down specific changes. The Activity Log only loads the 200 most recent entries as default, so you can use the filters to look at earlier history.

Actions options

The Actions represent the different types of activity that was performed.

An easy way to spot the action type is by recognizing the icons:

Actions examples
  • = Add
  • = Edit
  • = Delete
  • = Sort
  • = Publish
Content Types example

Content Types are the settings/pages/elements editable in Web Office Admin. For example, if you are looking for a change on a banner, you will filter by Content-Type = Banner.

Users list

Users can filter by changes made by specific Admin users. All active account usernames list in the dropdown.

Date Restrictions calendar

You can use the Date Restrictions filter to find changes made within a certain period.

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