Managing Translations in Web Office Admin

Localization is essential for any modern business. The world is a big place, and there are many languages; you don’t want to limit your global market over a language barrier. The Web Office Admin has a simple integration that easily translates any text input into your available languages.

Important: This resource is about the translate-as-you-go Manage Translations module, for more information about bulk import/export localization, see: Localizing Web Office Content.

Manage Translations

In your time with Web Office Admin, you may have noticed this symbol: that appears while typing in the pop-up text field.

Clicking the symbol opens the Manage Translation slide-out module.


  1. Text Input - The text to be translated.
  2. Language - Click in the field to type your translation.
  3. Optional: Specify translation by market - Type the dialect variation.
  4. SAVE TRANSLATIONS - Save the translations. The module will close, and the translation will be added. When the system detects the user’s country, the translation will automatically change to their language.
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