Deleting an Inventory Item

Admin: Corporate Admin
Page: Inventory > Inventory Items
Permission: ViewInventory()

Deleting inventory items is sometimes necessary and can easily be accomplished on the Inventory Items page:

  1. On the Inventory Items page, click the checkbox next to the item you want to delete.

    Check the box of the item you want to delete.

    You can select multiple checkboxes to delete more than one item at once.

    Multiple checkboxes selected

    If you want to delete all items, click the topmost checkbox in the column.

    Delete all items by checking the topmost checkbox.
  2. Click the Trash icon.

    Trash icon

    The Delete Items pop-up window opens requesting confirmation.

    Delete Items pop-up window
  3. In the pop-up, click the Delete Items button to confirm the deletion.

    Delete Items button

    Warning: You can’t undo this action.

    The pop-up closes, and the system removes the item(s). A success dialog box denotes a successful deletion.

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