Custom String Format

Custom Format String is used in situations where variable data (like a user KPI or metric) needs to be inserted into a static sentence (e.g., "4 of 10", with "4" being the variable and "of 10" being the static sentence).

You can use this Custom Format String in places like the Business Snapshot and Visual Tree configurations.

In those configurations, in the Add Data Point pop-up window:

  1. Click the Display Type dropdown, and select Custom…​.

  2. The Custom Display String field reveals.

  3. In the field, type {0}. This is a C# format string that will be replaced with a per-user metric whenever it is encountered based on the Data Point selection.

  4. Then, type the goal value (e.g., "of x" with x being the goal number). This sentence can be whatever you want it to be.

  5. So, the final syntax is {0} of 10. This displays the data point as a sort of progress meter that shows how much of something they have completed out of a total number (3 of 10).

So, for example, if you want to display how much Commissionable Volume (CV) the associate has accumulated for the current period, and the total CV they can get is 900. Then, you would enter: {0} of 900. The tile will display their progress. You can also customize this field using additional Custom Format Strings. Some examples are:

  • Currency = C

  • Decimal = D

  • Exponential = E

  • Number = N

Using the same syntax as before, you can use different format string types to further customize the display, like so: {0:N2 of 100}. This will display the progress with up to two decimal points.

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