Adding Compensation Plan Rank Values to the Database

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Admin: Corporate Admin
Page: Tools > Developer Tools > Data Editor
Permission: EditSqlEditorAdvanced()

In the process of creating your compensation plan with the XML Compensation Plan Builder, you defined <rules> that resulted in your ranks.

For example:

<Rule Name="Gold" Description="Gold level rank">
        <MeetsRule Rule="Silver" />
        <SetRank Rank="20" />

For these ranks to apply, you’ll have to manually add the rank names (for example, Gold) and values (for example, 20) to the CRM_Ranks table in the database using the Data Editor.

  1. In the Data Editor, search for and select the CRM_Ranks table.

    CRM_Ranks table
  2. In the Rank column, click the first field and enter your first rank name.

    Rank column
  3. In the RankID column, enter the first rank’s corresponding value.

    RankID column
  4. Click the to save the change to the row.

    Save changes

    Repeat the steps for each rank.

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