Uploading Files and Assets in eCommerce Admin

Admin: eCommerce Admin
Page: Company Setting > Miscellaneous
URL: [CLIENTID].retailadmin.directscale.com/#/CompanyMisc
Permission: Setup Miscellaneous

If you need somewhere to host internal files and assets, you’ll find the Amazon Web Services section useful. Uploading the files in this section generates a URL that you can use in the development and customization of your eCommerce Shop.

Entering Your Own Amazon Web Services Credentials

  1. Expand the Amazon Web Services section.

    Expand Amazon Web Services section
  2. You’ll notice the InternalImages box that contains a DirectScale-owned Amazon Web Services (AWS) bucket configuration.

    InternalImages bucket
  3. If you want to add your own AWS credentials, you can click the button that will open the Add AWS pop-up window, where you can enter your account information.

Uploading Files

  1. Under the Upload Files section, click SELECT FILE.

    SELECT FILE button

    Your computer’s file finder window opens. Navigate to and select your file.

    Note: You can select multiple files at once to upload files in bulk. Refresh the page to see the individual files uploaded.

  2. In the File Description field, enter a useful name or description for the file.

  3. Click the icon to upload your file.

    Upload file

Uploaded files are sorted in a table. You can copy the file’s URL by clicking the icon.

Delete the file by clicking the icon.

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