Uploading Web Office Background Images

Admin: Web Office Admin
Page: Web Office Configuration > Branding
URL: [CLIENTID].admin.directscale.com/#/Branding
Permission: Branding

Add your custom background images for the Calendar page and widget, Associate profile background, and Share Page background.

Image Types

Upload Web Office background images.
  • Calendar Large Background (2560 x 415 JPG) - The primary image on the large calendar view on the main Calendar page.

  • Calendar Small Background (612 x 344 JPG) - The primary image on the Home > Calendar widget.

  • Profile Background (1000 x 250 JPG) - The primary image on the user profile background in the Team Dashboard.

  • Share Page Background (1280 x 720 JPG) - The background image of the Share page used to display shared Documents and Media.

Uploading Images

size square
  1. In the Images section, click the size square of the image you want to change. Your computer’s file finder opens.

  2. Navigate to your image’s saved location on your computer and click Open.

      The image must be a compressed JPG. The maximum file size is 2 MB. Each image has pixel specifications above and will only accept images of that exact specification.
  3. Your image is added. Repeat for each image tile.

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