Public API Authorization

The Public API is a RESTful service that accepts JSON requests. With it, third-party developers can create intuitive integrations and create additional functionality not present in the standard DirectScale Platform. Need to integrate with a logistics provider or eCommerce platform? Or create a custom enrollment experience? Import inventory? You can accomplish all of these and more with the Public API.

Signing up for an Account

Authorization with the Public API requires an invitation. You must work with Customer Care to create an API account for you and your developers.

  1. Email Partner or third-party developers must have their company request on their behalf.

  2. You’ll need access to:

    These are the API Gateway sites that feature API Documentation, a testing tool, and a profile containing your API Keys.

  3. For safety and efficiency, Customer Care needs specific information:

    • The first and last name of the person receiving access.
    • The email address of the person receiving access.
    • A basic message to begin your request.
    • Your company’s client ID.
    • Which environment to give access to Live, Stage, or both.
    • Partners or third-party developers must provide proof that the company authorizes access. It’s best to do this through email. Screenshots of company approval will do but must show it came from the company. This is to maintain security compliance.

Keeping Track of Public API Users

Admin: Corporate Admin
Page: Tools > Developer Tools > Public API Users
Permission: ViewAdministration()

Corporate Admin keeps track of your authorized Public API users.


Getting Started with the Public API

After you and your developers have access to the Public API, visit our Developer Documentation and read the Getting Started guide.

Read more: Getting Started with the Public API

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