Adding Currencies

✨ Available for Business and Premium tiers

Admin: Corporate Admin
Page: Settings > Company Settings > Currency
Permission: ViewAdministration()

You can add and configure currencies and exchange rates for your system.

Adding a Currency Type

  1. Click the Add Currency button.

    The Currency Settings pop-up window opens.

  2. Enter the ISO 4217 Currency Code.

  3. Enter the currency’s Name.

  4. Paste the currency’s Symbol.

    Note: Only Dollar ($), Yen (¥), Florin (ƒ), Euro (€), and Pound (£) will display as is. The system replaces anything else with a question mark (?).

  5. Enter the Decimal Length. For example, If you enter “2”, then the currency amount will display with two decimal places (i.e., 10.00).

  6. Enter the currency’s Exchange Rate compared to the US Dollar (USD) (i.e., from your currency to USD).

    For example, Let’s say 1 USD = 500 Yen. Enter 500 into the Exchange Rate field. Here’s a helpful tool: XE Currency Converter.

    Warning: Do not set Exchange Rate to “0”; this will result in errors across the Platform. If you do not want to set an Exchange Rate, enter “1”.

  7. Click Save.

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  • PLEASE NOTE! Exchange rate CANNOT be 0 and will result in errors across the platform. If no exchange rate is desired, the proper entry is 1.


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