Managing Paid Commissions

Admin: Corporate Admin
Page: Commissions > Paid
Permission: ViewCommissions(), PayCommissions()

The Paid page provides a historical view of previously paid commissions.

Reprint Check

Reprint Check button

The reprint check feature allows you to reissue a check to an Associate. When the button is selected, it will call a pop-up to the page.

Reprint Check pop-up window

Payment History

Payment History

The payment results that display on the page reflect all the commission payments made within the selected period. Payments are separated by the payment provider (merchant) type.

Viewing a Payment Breakdown

The arrow next to the payment method name will expand to display Associates that were issued a payment. 10 results will load per page.

Expand arrows and pagination

The pagination numbers in the bottom right corner allow you to move between pages the view more results, or you can use the search bar to look for a specific Associate.

Information is available for each transaction, including the Associate name, ID, payment date, transaction number, and total payment amount.

If an Associate received multiple payments in the selected period, the payments will be broken down into line items. The first line will have a note that reads Multiple Payments and the total column will reflect the subtotal.

The breakdown lines will be indented and display below.

Breakdown lines

Clawbacks appear as negative amounts.

Learn more: Enabling/Disabling Commission Clawbacks

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