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Home > Marketing Sites widget

The Web Office Home > Marketing Sites widget displays your company’s replicated/shop site URL and the number of visitors and enrollers. This URL will include a webalias that will change to the Associate’s username or chosen site name, linking to their replicated site/shop.

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Sharing Your Site

  1. Click the icon to flip the widget to see the following sharing options:

    Flip to the back of the widget
    • Copy Link – Copies the link to your clipboard.
    • Email – Share via Email; opens an external email application.
    • Facebook – Share via Facebook post; opens in a new tab.
    • Twitter – Share via Twitter tweet; opens in a new tab.
    • Google+ – share via Google+ post; deprecated with Google+ shutdown.
    • Pinterest – Share via Pinterest post; opens in a new tab.
    • Team Messenger – Share via a New Chat; opens the Web Office Messenger.

How an Associate Can Change their Marketing Site Address

Site: Web Office
Page: Settings > Marketing Site
URL: [CLIENTID].office.directscale.com/app.html#/ProfileSetting/Marketingsite

Although you set the default using Web Office Admin, an Associate can opt to change their Marketing Site URL in Web Office.

  1. Click the icon on the Website Address widget.

    Edit icon
  2. Under Website Name enter the new name.

    Website Name

    Note: This will automatically update the marketing website address.

  3. Select the checkbox to acknowledge that changing the Website Name changes the Associate’s Web Office username and website address.

    Terms checkbox
  4. Click Save.

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