Adding Regions and Locales

Admin: Corporate Admin
Page: Administration > Regions
Permission: ViewAdministration()

You can group locations into regions for more straightforward payment mapping and inventory setup.

Before you start, look at the countries that you set up, and identify any that will have the same:

  • SKUs
  • Payment methods
  • Warehouses

Then, group these elements into a global region.

Adding a Region Name

  1. Click the + Add Region button.

    The Edit Region pop-up window opens.

    Edit Region pop-up
  2. Enter the Region Name.

  3. Click Save.

The Region page is now created where you can add locales.

Region page

Adding Locales

  1. In the Region Locales box, click the Add button.

    The Add Locale pop-up window opens.

    Add Locale pop-up
  2. Select a Country in the dropdown.

  3. Check the boxes for any applicable States.

  4. Click Set Locale.

  5. Repeat as necessary for all countries in the region.


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