Customizing Replicated Site URLs

Admin: Web Office Admin
Page: Advanced Settings > Information
Permission: Setup Information

Replicated sites are an excellent way for your Associates to market themselves and your product. If you have a replicated site, this section will show you how to enter the URL and customize the URL format regarding the inclusion of the webalias.

Note: The Information page displays auto-filled company details such as Company Name, Provider, and Client API ID. These details are read-only, and modification is not allowed without DirectScale or your DirectScale partner developer’s help. Send a request via chat or email to Customer Care for any updates to these details.

The Replicated SiteUrl and Replicated SiteFormat fields are where you enter your replicated site’s URL and define the placement of the webalias, respectively.

Customizing Replicated Site URLs

To link your replicated site:

  1. Enter your URL without the protocol (http://www.) in the Replicated SiteURL field.

  2. Enter where the Associate’s username (webalias) will appear in the URL represented by {webalias} the Replicated SiteURL Format field.

    For example, {webalias} or{webalias}.

  3. Click the SAVE REP SITE URLS button.

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