AutoShip DailyRun and Retry Rules

Initiating the AutoShip DailyRun

As a part of first launching your system and setting up autoships, you need to submit a request to Customer Care to turn on the AutoShip DailyRun. This starts a daily process that runs autoships at whatever time you specify. Most will choose a low-impact time like 3 AM each day.

Developing Autoship Logic and Retry Rules

Your in-house or third-party developer should develop any specific autoship logic and autoship retry rules. If for any reason, an autoship should fail, you’ll need to have rules in place, so the system knows how to handle it.

Using the GetAutoshipOrderRetryRules Hook, a developer can set the autoship retry rules based on your requirements.

Hook name: DirectScale.Disco.Extension.Hooks.Autoships.GetAutoshipOrderRetryRules

This Hook looks at all orders attached to an autoship that haven’t been paid for due to one of the following reasons:

  • They’re using a delayed payment method (e.g Nexio ACH)

  • The payment method had insufficient funds

  • There is no payment method on file for the autoship
  • Etc.

Many companies will have different autoship rules. For example, try it every other day for three tries, then try one final time on the last day of the month.

These rules can be revised at any time by your developer.

Learn more about Autoship Hooks in our Developer Documentation.

FlexPay Payment Recovery

Using FlexPay, you have the option to utilize AI to recover failed AutoShip payments as an alternative to programming retry rules. 

See the full guide in Integrating with FlexPay for Payment Recovery

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