Simulating Email Events

Admin: Corporate Admin
Page: Settings > Company Settings > Email Settings
Permission: ViewAdministration(), ViewAdvancedSettings()

The automated emails, sent from Corporate Admin, trigger based on activities performed personally by an Associate.

These include:

  • Welcome Email — Sent to the Associate after enrollment.

  • Order Receipt (invoice) — Sent to the Associate after placing a personal order.

  • AutoShip Error — Sent to the Associate when there is an error charging the card tied to their AutoShip order.

  • Commission Statement — Sent to the Associate when they receive a commission payment.

Associates can’t opt out of these emails like they can with Web Office notifications. Automated emails call the SMTP directly, whereas Web Office emails first call an API.

You can preview these automated emails using the Simulate Email Event tab:

  1. Select an email type from the Event dropdown.

    Options include:

    • AutoShip Error

    • Customer Enrollment

    • Distributor Enrollment

    • Order Submitted

  2. Enter the necessary information in the fields.

    Text fields
  3. Click the Preview Email button to see the email.

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