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Coupons are a great asset to have for any successful business. Modern retail customers are conditioned to expect a “deal” whenever they shop. Satisfying this desire with excellent coupons will ultimately lead to happy, loyal customers. All coupons are created in Corporate Admin by an Admin. From there, you can assign the coupons to specific Associates or inventory items.

If enabled, an Associate’s qualified coupons will display in their shopping Cart Summary in Web Office and the eCommerce Shop. The Associate can then select the coupons and checkout.

Sometimes an Associate is given a coupon code they can enter on the Checkout page. This functionality is available by default in the eCommerce Shop if coupons are allowed. However, in the Web Office, you have to request to enable this feature anytime during or after implementation.

Enabling Coupon Functionality

Enable Coupon System Component

Admin: Corporate Admin
Page: Administration > Advanced Settings > UI
Permission: ViewAdministration(), ViewAdvancedSettings()

In Corporate Admin, you need to enable the Coupons component for the UI, if it isn’t already.

To enable the Coupons Component:

  1. Locate the Available Components section.

    Available Components section
  2. Ensure the Coupons checkbox is checked.

  3. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click the Save Changes button.

Allow Coupons in Shopping Carts

Admin: Web Office Admin
Page: Advanced Settings > Carts
Permission: Setup Carts

In a shopping cart configuration:

  1. Turn on the Allow Coupons toggle.

    Allow Coupons toggle
  2. Click UPDATE, when finished.

  3. Repeat the process for Autoship Carts if necessary.

Read more: Allowing Coupons in Shopping Carts

Enable Coupon Confirmation Pop-up

Admin: Web Office Admin
Page: Advanced Settings > Settings
Permission: Setup Settings

If an Associate has coupons available, they can choose not to apply them. When they proceed to checkout, a pop-up will request confirmation that they don’t want to use their available coupons.

Coupon Confirmation pop-up

You can turn this setting on or off to your preference.

  1. Expand the Global section.

  2. Locate the IsShowCouponConfirmation.

  3. Turn the toggle on/off to your preference.

    If the toggle is gray-out, click the + icon.

  4. Click SAVE.

(Optional) Request Web Office Coupon Code Field

The Web Office Checkout page has an Enter Promo/Coupon Code field that Associates can enter a provided coupon code.

Enter Promo/Coupon Code field

This field is turned off by default.

If you would like this field turned on, you can:

  1. Contact Customer Care by clicking Help in the corner of your screen or via
  2. Request to turn on the Web Office Enter Promo/Coupon Code field.
  3. If your plan includes multiple environments (Live or Stage), please indicate in which environments you want to turn it on.

Creating and Managing Coupons

Create a Coupon

Admin: Corporate Admin
Page: Sales > Coupons
Permission: ViewSales()

You can create coupons tied to specific Associates, items, and regions on the Coupons page. Coupons discount an order’s cost, as well as the QV, CV, and Bonuses.

Note: Coupons for AutoShips are not currently supported. However, Global Coupons will apply to an initial AutoShip order but not for each recurring payment. A developer can use the Autoships.ApplyAutoshipCouponCodes Hook to create custom AutoShip coupon logic.

  1. Click + New Coupon.

    + New Coupon button

    The Create New Coupon pop-up window opens.

    Create New Coupon pop-up window
  2. Complete the necessary fields.

    Although not indicated in the pop-up, the following fields are required for proper use:

    Optional fields:

    Click each link to view more details.

  3. Click Save Changes.

Read more: Creating Coupons.

Track Associate Coupons

Admin: Corporate Admin
Page: Associates > Find Associates > Associate Detail > Coupons

You can track Associate qualified coupons and coupon usage.

Current Coupons table

The Current Coupons section displays the Associate’s assigned coupons.

Click the Applied To ItemID link to view the inventory item SKU associated with the coupon.

Used Coupons table

Under Used Coupons, you’ll see the:

  • Coupon Code

  • Discount

  • Date Used

  • Order Number

    1. Click the Order Number link to view the order’s Detail page.

Apply a Coupon in Corporate Admin

Admin: Corporate Admin
Page: Associates > Find Associates > Associate Detail > Corporate Shop
Permission: CreateOrder(), AddCouponCode()

You can create orders for Associates in the Corporate Shop and apply any coupons the Associate qualifies for.

  1. In Corporate Admin, find and select an Associate to navigate to their Detail page.
  2. Click the New Corporate Order button.
  3. Locate the item and added it to the cart.
  4. Click Checkout.

Read more: Creating Orders for Associates in the Corporate Shop

On the Checkout page, you’ll see the Coupon Code(s) field.

Coupon Code(s) field

If the Associate has assigned coupons:

  1. Click the Coupon Code(s) field and select the coupon you want to apply.

    Don’t see the Coupon Code(s) field? You must have the AddCouponCode() permission enabled for your Role. Learn more about Roles in Assigning Employee Corporate Admin Permission Roles.

  2. Click Add to apply the coupon.

The discount will apply to the total if valid.

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