Allowing Coupons in the Web Office Shopping Carts

Admin: Web Office Admin
Page: Advanced Settings > Carts
Permission: Setup Carts

In Web Office, an Associate’s coupons appear in an Available Rewards box when they add an item to the cart.

Available Rewards box

For this box to appear and add coupons to be available, you must allow coupons in Web Office Admin’s shopping carts configuration.

Allowing Coupons

In a shopping cart configuration:

  1. Turn on the Allow Coupons toggle.

    Allow Coupons toggle
  2. Click UPDATE, when finished.

  3. Repeat the process for Autoship Carts if necessary.

Automatically Allowing Coupons

Automatically Apply Coupon field

Optionally, turn on the Automatically Apply Coupon toggle.

  • If enabled, the Associate’s coupons will automatically be selected in the Available Rewards box.

  • In the field next to the toggle, you can enter a specific coupon code that’ll auto-apply to the applicable Associates.

Automatically Apply Coupon field
  Autoship Carts don’t have the option to automatically apply coupons.

Changing the Available Rewards Box Text

Some may wish to change the header text "Rewards Available" to something else, as it can be confusing for those with Reward Points set up. To change the text, you need to edit the text value of the String Key.

For more information, see Changing the Available Rewards Box Text.

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