Adding Blocked Words for Personalized Associate Webaliases

Admin: Web Office Admin
Page: Web Office Configuration > Miscellaneous
Permission: Setup Miscellaneous

When new Associates sign up, they create their unique webalias (username). There may be words that you would prefer aren’t used within their webalias (such as your company name, vulgar or offensive words, names of diseases, etc.).

Adding blocked words helps eliminate their use in personal replicated sites and usernames.

The use of blocked words during enrollment will restrict the submission of the order. The Associate will get an error and be prompted to use a different webalias.

Error message

During your launch, DirectScale implements a general list of blacklisted words.

This section allows you to enter any restricted words custom to your company.

  1. Enter the blocked word in the Blocked Words for Personalized Webalias box.

  2. Press Enter on your keyboard to create a tag.

  3. Enter as many blocked words as necessary.

  4. Click SAVE.

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