Adding a Fast Start Bonus Structure


Admin: Corporate Admin
Page: Inventory > Products > Item Detail > Fast Start
Permission: ViewInventory()

What is a Fast Start Bonus?

The Fast Start Bonus rewards an Associate when someone below them purchases a product. You can use the Fast Start tab to set a bonus structure, depending on the compensation plan.

If you created your compensation plan in XML, you might have a line that looks like this:

    <IndexedBonusPay Index="1" Comment="Fast Start 1" Percent="100" />

With the preceding example, the Associate receives 100% of the number entered in the Fast Start > Index Bonus 1 field.

Under the Fast Start tab, you’ll find ten Index Bonus fields.

Each field represents an Associate level. Index Bonus 1 is the immediate upline to the person buying the product. Index Bonus 2 is Index Bonus 1's upline sponsor, and so on up the tree.

So to recap:

  1. The compensation plan has a percentage amount for each Index/Generation.

  2. The Associate receives whatever their Index percentage amount is of the number entered in their Index Bonus field.

Adding a Bonus

  Fill out the Fast Start bonus structure in collaboration with your compensation plan developer.
Fast Start Data
  1. Enter data in each applicable field.

  2. Click Save Changes.

For example, if you are an Associate and you sponsor someone to buy a kit. This kit’s Index Bonus 1 field has 50 entered, and Index Bonus 2 has 20 entered. So when the customer buys the kit, you get 50, and your sponsor gets 20.

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