Configuring the Web Office Pay History Report

Admin: Web Office Admin,
Page: Web Office Configuration > Commissions & Pay History
Permission: Commissions

In the Web Office, Associates can view a breakdown report of their paid commissions and bonuses on the Pay History page.

Pay History page

Web Office URL: [CLIENTID]

You can customize this page in The Web Office Admin to show/hide the weekly bonus breakdown reports and filter the displayed columns. The Web Office Pay History page displays an Associate’s paid commissions.

✨ Those who are Premium tier can also enable projected commissions. To learn how to enable projected commissions, see Stats and Projected Commissions Template Names.

Under the Sample Check, is the same Commissions report as the Commissions page.

Monthly Commissions breakdown

Customizing the Pay History Adjustment Report

Adjustments section

The Adjustments section displays any commission adjustments made in Corporate Admin.

  1. Under the Adjustments section, click the arrow next to Adjustments to expand the configuration.

  2. In each adjustment configuration, for the column names that will appear in the report:

    • Toggle on/off

    • Change the Display Name

    • Drag and drop the order.

    Adjustment configuration

    + For bonus overrides, you only need the Description and FromCustomerName columns enabled.

  3. Click SAVE.

  4. To edit the Adjustment’s Display Name, click the icon.

    Edit button

    The Edit Adjustment pop-up window opens.

  5. Modify the Adjustment Display Name.

  6. Click SAVE.

    Edit Adjustment pop-up
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