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Party Carousel widget

The Home > Party Carousel widget is used to show existing parties, including the number of orders, bookings, the total for all orders, and party duration.

Using the Widget

The party host’s name and contact info is displayed in the top left corner.

Host details

Scroll through the past parties by clicking < or >

Scroll through past parties

Clicking the View Party Dashboard link navigates you to the Web Office Parties page where they can view the party’s details.

View Party Dashboard link

On the Parties page, there’s an option to create a new party.

Create a new party

Enroll Site Shop Link

When the Shop icon is clicked, you’re navigated to your Enroll site with the party’s ID in the URL.

Shop icon

For example, [CLIENTID].enroll.directscale.com/#/[WEBALIAS]/Start?partyId=1

To hide the Shop link:

  1. In Web Office Admin, navigate to: Advanced Settings > Settings.

  2. Click the + button to open the Add Existing Setting pop-up window.

    Add Existing Setting pop-up
  3. Select PartyPlan category from the dropdown.

  4. Enable the setting by toggling on the left switch.

    Enable left switch
  5. Click SAVE.

    The setting is added under the PartyPlan section.

    Setting in PartyPlan section
  6. Enable the HideShopIconInPartyPlan toggle.

  7. Click the SAVE button.

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