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The Home > QRCode Share widget lets you generate and display a QR Code for any website you want.

To generate a QR Code:

  1. Locate the added widget in Web Office.

  2. Click Create New QR Code.

    Create New QR Code button

    The Create New QR Code pop-up opens.

    Create New QR Code pop-up
  3. In the pop-up, enter a QR Code Name.

  4. Enter the Link URL.

    Must contain the protocal (https:// ) and www.

  5. Click the TEST button.

    A QR Code is generated in the preview area. You can use your phone to test the code.

    Generated QR Code
  6. If satisfied with the QR Code, click the DOWNLOAD button.

    The QR Code is downloaded as a PNG.

  7. Under Upload Image, click CHOOSE FILE and select the QR Code PNG you just downloaded.

  8. Click SAVE.

    The pop-up closes and the widget displays the QR Code.

    Final widget state
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