Editing an Employee's Profile

Admin: Corporate Admin
Page: Employees > Dashboard
URL: [CLIENTID].corpadmin.directscale.com/Corporate/Employees/Dashboard
Permission: ViewEmployee()

You can edit any employee profile from the same page you created the profile.

Opening a Profile

  1. Click an employee’s profile box.

    Click an employee’s profile box

    The Employee Detail pop-up opens.

    Employee Detail pop-up window

Editing the Username

You cannot edit an employee’s Username.

Username field in the Employee Detail pop-up window

If you’d like to update the employee’s username, delete their profile and create a new profile.

The employee can edit their username in their User Profile.

Changing a Password

If an employee has forgotten their password and can’t log in to change it themselves, they’ll need to request another employee (with the proper permissions) to change your password for them.

To change an employee’s password:

  1. Click to Change Password.

    Change Password button
  2. Enter and confirm the new password in the pop-up.

    Change Password pop-up window

    The default password requirements are:

    • Min. eight characters
    • Max. 30 characters
    • One number
    • One capital letter

Deleting an Employee Profile

Click the Delete button to remove an employee’s profile from the system.

Delete button

Adding or Editing an Employee Profile Picture

Employees have to log in to Corporate Admin with the credentials you created to add/edit their profile picture.

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