Provisioning an Associate's Commission Merchant Account

Admin: Corporate Admin
Page: Associates > Search Associates > Associate Detail
Permission: EditAssociate()

When an Associate enrolls as a Distributor Associate, their commission merchant account is "provisioned" and ready to receive payouts. This process automatically happens if you’ve set up your money-out commission merchant. If the Associate’s account doesn’t provision automatically, you can manually provision them on their Detail page.

  1. Locate the Billing & Payments section.

  2. Under Payment Merchant, click the button. The Payment Merchant pop-up window opens. If the account has not been provisioned, you will see the following alert:

    Payment Merchant alert
  3. Click the Find or Create Account button—​the pop-up closes.

  4. Under Payment Merchant, click the button again. The pop-up now displays a filled-in Account Number.

    Payment Merchant window
      If the Associate’s account number isn’t added, retry these steps or contact Customer Care or the commission merchant.
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