Viewing Reward Points in Web Office

When an Associate purchases a product with Reward Points added (or if they’ve had points added to their account manually by an admin), the points are stored in a ledger. Associates can view their reward points details and balance in Web Office via the Home -> Reward Points widget and the Reward Points Ledger page.

Using the Widget

For a quick view of their reward points balance, the Associate can use the Home -> Reward Points widget.

Home → Reward Points widget

This simple widget features:

  • The number of Reward Points available to spend

  • A History link that navigates them to their Reward Points Ledger page

  • A SHOP NOW link that navigates to the Place an Order page.

Viewing the Ledger

Site: Web Office
Page: Reward Points

The Reward Points Ledger page shows the points awarded along with the available date, expiration date, amount, remaining balance, source (if there is one), and any notes.

Reward Points Ledger
  • The sidebar shows how many points the Associate has remaining and from where the points originated.

  • Select a record from the sidebar. An expanded record of the Reward Points displays on the page.

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