Integrating with PayQuicker

The PayQuicker Platform is secure, compliant, FDIC insured, and provides customized solutions with automated payment processing to over 170 countries. Flexible spending options include co-branded prepaid debit cards, local bank deposits, cross-border payments, and spend-back.

For money-out (commission payments), PayQuicker can function as an E-Wallet where the available funds come from earned commission payouts. You can also set PayQuicker up as a payment processor (money-in) merchant to charge for orders.

Basic E-Wallet Payment Process

When an Associate receives commission payments, the system funds their E-Wallet. The funds are available to purchase more of your products.

  • The Associate selects their inventory items and begins the checkout process.

  • The Associate selects "PayQuicker" as the payment provider and clicks the Checkout button.

      PayQuicker displays the Associate’s available balance here as well. A balance of "-1" means the Associate’s account is not yet set up. The Associate should contact you to resolve this issue.
  • The order processing system retrieves the balance from the Associate’s account to verify funds and then sends the request to charge.

  • PayQuicker processes the request and sends back confirmation of acceptance (or denial if there are insufficient funds).

Before You Start

  1. Contact PayQuicker to set up a merchant account.

  2. For testing on PayQuicker’s side, reach out to your account manager and gain credentials to a production site. On the DirectScale side, if you have a Stage environment, you can create test orders and commission payments there before setting up on Live.

  3. You must "whitelist" your DirectScale Live and Stage IP addresses with PayQuicker. Contact Customer Care for assistance.

  4. Acquire the necessary credentials and information (provided by PayQuicker when your account is created.):

    • IdP Url

    • API Client ID

    • API Client Secret

    • Funding Account Public ID

Adding Credentials in DirectScale

Admin: Corporate Admin
Page: Settings > Advanced Settings > Merchants
URL: [CLIENTID].corpadmin.directscale[ENVIRONMENT].com/Settings?category=Merchants
Permission: ViewAdministration(), ViewAdvancedSettings()

  For testing purposes, add credentials to your Stage environment first (if available).
  1. Scroll down until you find your PayQuicker’s form (or Ctrl F "payquicker").

  2. Enter the provided credentials in the form.

    Credential box

    Required fields:

    • Funding Account Public ID - Provided by PayQuicker.

    • API Client ID - Provided by PayQuicker.

    • API Client Secret - Provided by PayQuicker.

    • IdP URL - Provided by PayQuicker.

    • Is Live - When disabled, the merchant is in simulated transaction mode that allows you to test payments on your Stage environment. When you’re ready to start using PayQuicker to accept/payout real money, enable this setting on your Live environment.

        All integrated payment merchants must have Is Live enabled on Live to function.

      Optional fields:

    • Issue Physical card on account creation / Invitation? - Enable this setting to send the Associate a physical card once their account is provisioned.

    • Months Before Payments Expire - You can optionally set the number of months that must elapse for payments to expire. Enter "0" or leave blank for no expiration.

    • Backup Merchant ID - You can optionally integrate with a second merchant provider for backup. The backup merchant’s purpose is to cover the difference if an Associate doesn’t have enough E-Wallet credit to complete a purchase.

    Deprecated fields:

    • Invitation API URL

    • Payment API URL

    • Invitation API Mock URL

    • Payment API Mock URL

    • Base API URL

  3. Click the Save Changes button.

Setting up PayQuicker as a Commissions Merchant

Admin: Corporate Admin
Page: Settings > Advanced Settings > Commission
Permission: ViewAdministration(), ViewAdvancedSettings()

If you plan to use PayQuicker as your commissions payout merchant, you must enter the Merchant ID in Corporate Admin.

  For testing purposes, add credentials to your Stage environment first (if available).

On Settings > Advanced Settings > Commission:

  1. Locate the Money Out section.

    Money Out section
  2. In the Default Commission Merchant ID field, enter 113, PayQuicker’s Merchant ID.

  3. Click the Save Changes button.

Additional Settings

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