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Page: Settings > Advanced Settings > Associate Search Tools
Permission: ViewAdministration(), ViewAdvancedSettings()

The Associate Search function uses the Search Index with the Database to perform. If you alter either or you’ve experienced network errors, they can become out-of-sync. You can update and test the Database/Search Index to make sure they are in sync and up-to-date.

The system performs updates to keep the Database and Search Index in sync:

  • Real-time Update — The Search Index updates whenever an Associate record is updated. This process takes less than a second for a single Associate.

  • Nightly Database Update — Performs every night using an Azure Search Indexing tool. If the Real-time Update misses anything due to a network issue, the Nightly Update will catch it.

Operations section

You can manually update and sync the Database and Search Index:

  1. Refresh Index (soft) — Manually perform the Nightly Database Update.

  2. Refresh Index (hard) — Refresh the entire Database.

  3. Remove Associate —  Enter an Associate’s name to remove them from the Search Index. Use this if Associates were deleted from the Database, but still show in the search.

  4. Rebuild Index — Delete the existing Search Index to then recreate and populate it. This function is useful if you’ve mass imported Associate data during implementation.

      Receive corporate approval before starting this process.

    The repopulation process takes longer depending on the size of your Search Index. Begin this process when the system is not active (for example, at night).

      Corporate Admin is still functional when the Search Index is rebuilding. However, search results may not display the expected results.#

You can test the Associate search tool to ensure the Database and Search Index are in sync:

Type an Associate name in the Run a Search field.

Run a Search field
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