Inventory Hooks


Namespace: DirectScale.Disco.Extension.Hooks.Inventory

Define logic for when inventory is being received into the warehouse (Purchase Orders, Transfers, or Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA). The default calls to the correct service to receive the product and updates the INV_ tables.

Basic Implementation

public class Receive : IHook<ReceiveHookRequest, ReceiveHookResponse>
  public Receive() { }

  public ReceiveHookResponse Invoke(ReceiveHookRequest request, Func<ReceiveHookRequest, ReceiveHookResponse> func)
    return func(request);

Register Hook

services.AddTransient<IHook<ReceiveHookRequest, ReceiveHookResponse>, Receive>();

Request Model

  "Id": 0,
  "Type": 0,
  "Items": [
      "ItemId": 0,
      "QtyReceived": 0,
      "QtyDamaged": 0

Response Model

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