Showing/Hiding Web Office Terms and Conditions Checkboxes

Admin: Web Office Admin
Page: Advanced Settings > Settings
Permission: Setup Settings

In Web Office Admin, there’s a toggle called VisaComplianceAgreements that turns on/off the checkboxes found on a Web Office Checkout page.

Checkout Page

The VisaComplianceAgreements toggle functions as a master switch for the terms and conditions checkboxes; however, you can however turn off/on any boxes that you do not want.

To do so:

On Advanced Settings > Settings:

  1. Expand the Global section and ensure the VisaComplianceAgreements toggle is turned on. Turning on this setting will display the basic terms and conditions.

    Important: The TermsandConditionsForCustomers_Order, TermsandConditionsForDistributors_Order, TermsandConditionsForCustomers_Autoship, and TermsandConditionsForDistributors_Autoship settings will display if VisaComplianceAgreements is turned on and can’t be turned off independently.

  2. Locate and turn on/off the following toggles as needed:

    • Order > CancellationRefund_Order

      Refund Cancelation Policy
    • AutoOrder > CancellationRefund_Autoship

      AutoShip Refund Cancelation Policy
    • AutoOrder > TermsofSale_Autoship

      AutoOrder Terms and Conditions
  3. Click the SAVE button for each section updated.

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