Managing Corporate Admin User Homepages

Admin: Corporate Admin
Page: Settings > Company Settings > Admin Users > Manage Roles > Manage Homepages
Permission: ViewEmployee()

Homepages are the first page that Corporate Admin users see or land on when they login.  A homepage can be assigned to an admin user role, and everyone with that role will land on the assigned homepage when they login.  The system comes with a few default homepages to choose from, along with the ability to add custom homepages.

Adding a New Homepage

  1. Click the Add Homepage button.

  2. Enter a Description for the new homepage.  This is what will be shown in the list of Homepages.

  3. Enter a URL.  This is the page within the Corporate Admin that will be linked to upon login.

    Note: URLs should be a relative path and start with a leading / before the page path. Example: /Corporate/CRM/Find.

  4. Click Save.

Assigning a Homepage to a Role

To change the homepage assigned to a role, simply edit the role and choose the desired homepage from the drop down.  See Assigning Admin User Corporate Admin Permission Roles.

Selecting a Default Homepage

In the case where for whatever reason there is not a homepage chosen for a specific role, you can choose what the default homepage should be by clicking on the appropriate radio button next to your desired default homepage.

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