Integrating Alternate Payment Methods

Nexio is a payment processor merchant described as an open payments platform. They offer chargeback management, tokenization, and global payments. You can integrate Nexio as a standard payment processor, an ACH processor (customer uses bank account info instead of a card to pay), or even offer Alternative Payment Methods (APMs).

DirectScale supports the following Alternate Payment Methods via Nexio:

  • AliPay
  • Apple Pay
  • Google Pay
  • Klarna
  • PayPal
  • Integrating Electronic Payment System (SPEI)
  • UnionPay
  • WeChat Pay

Nexio Setup

Admin: Corporate Admin
Page: Settings > Advanced Settings > Merchants
URL: [CLIENTID].corpadmin.directscale[ENVIRONMENT].com/Settings?category=Merchants
Permission: ViewAdministration(), ViewAdvancedSettings()

To begin, you must set up an account with Nexio. Nexio will provide the available options based on your needs and the credentials required for the Merchants page in Corporate Admin.

To get started with Nexio:

  1. Contact the Nexio integrations team.
  2. Set up an account and inform Nexio which Alternate Payment Methods you want to deploy.
      Nexio will confirm which merchants support the Alternate Payment Method(s) you want to use and provide the appropriate Merchant IDs (MIDs).
  3. Acquire the necessary credential information from Nexio:
  4. Enter your credentials into the corresponding Nexio fields.
    Nexio fields
  5. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click Save Changes.

Enabling Nexio APM Configuration Settings

Next, contact Customer Care to enable the Nexio APM configuration settings. A team member will assist by activating the Nexio APM Release Toggle in Corporate Admin. Once active, the required Nexio APM Settings and Nexio APM Sandbox tabs will appear and become configurable on the Advanced settings page.

Customer Care Internal Steps

  1. Navigate to Corporate Admin > Advanced Settings > Release Toggles > Merchants.

  2. Check the Enable Nexio APMs checkbox.

    Enable Nexio APMs checkbox
  3. Scroll to the bottom of the page and select Save Changes.

  4. Confirm that the Nexio APM Settings and Nexio APM Sandbox tabs now appear on the Advanced Settings page.

Nexio APM Settings

Admin: Corporate Admin
Page: Settings > Advanced Settings > Nexio APM Settings
URL: [CLIENTID].corpadmin.directscale[ENVIRONMENT].com/Settings/NexioApmSettings
Permission: ViewAdministration(), ViewAdvancedSettings()

After the Nexio APM configuration settings have been enabled by Customer Care, you are ready to begin configuring your APMs. An important note is that not all APMs follow the same configuration path. Apple Pay, for example, requires an additional step to grant access to its services.  

Apple Domain Association File

  The following subsection is only applicable to Apple Pay configurations. For all other APMs, proceed to the Configure Nexio Merchant APMs subsection below.

Complete the steps outlined in the Nexio Apple Pay Configuration Guide. Once complete, contact Nexio to request a merchant Domain Association File. This file acts as an access key and is required for each subdomain (Corporate Admin, Web Office, Retail, etc.) to confirm the location utilizing Apple Pay. One file (per domain) must be uploaded to the Nexio APM Settings page by following the instructions below.

  This process also applies to dev and stage environments.

Uploading an Apple Domain Association File

To upload a Domain Association File:

  1. Click the Add Apple Domain Association File button.
    Add Apple Domain Association File button

    The Add Apple Domain Association File pop-up opens.

    Add Apple Domain Association File pop-up
  2. Enter the root domain into the Root Domain field.
      A Root Domain is not a full web address and must not include any prefix (e.g. http, https, or www).
  3. Click Choose an Apple Domain File.
    Choose an Apple Domain File button

    The file dialog pop-up opens.

    File dialog pop-up
  4. Locate and select the applicable file(s) from your desktop.
    File selection
      All files must be in .txt format.
  5. Click Open.
  6. Click Upload file.
    Upload File
  7. Notify Nexio that the Domain Association File(s) have been uploaded and confirm which domain(s) are ready to start their verification process.
  Want to utilize APMs on an external site? Refer to the Get Nexio Apple Domain Association File public API for more information on retrieving these files.

Editing/Deleting an Apple Domain Association File

To download, edit, or delete a file:

  1. Click the button to download a copy of the file at any time.
    Download button
  2. To edit the Root Domain name, click the button.
  3. To delete the file, click the button.
      Do not delete a Domain Association File that has been verified with Nexio. Apple may conduct periodic verification checks and shut down its services if they are unable to locate the applicable file. If this occurs, you will need to repeat the verification process with Nexio.

Configure Nexio Merchant APMs

This setting provides a mapping between Nexio Merchants and their supported APMs. Once the supported APMs are selected, they will become available to map as an additional payment method on the Payment Methods page.

To configure Alternate Payment Methods in Corporate Admin:

  1. Locate the Merchant ID you want to configure.
    Merchant ID configuration

    You must enter your username and password during the Nexio Setup process for the Nexio Merchant IDs to display on this page.

  2. Check the boxes for each APM supported by the Nexio Merchant ID you are configuring.
    APM selection
      All APM options appear for each Merchant ID by default. Your Merchant ID must offer support for the APMs you select to function.
  3. A success message will appear to confirm which payment methods were enabled.
    Success message
      APM selections on this page save automatically. Manual saving is not required.

Mapping a New APM

Admin: Corporate Admin
Page: Settings > Company Settings > Payment Methods
URL: [CLIENTID].corpadmin.directscale[ENVIRONMENT].com/Corporate/Admin/CountryPaymentMap
Permission: ViewAdministration()

For your selected APMs to be available for use, you need to map them to your regions and stores.

Refer to Mapping New Market Payment Methods for an in-depth guide on mapping a new Alternate Payment Method.

Nexio APM Sandbox

Admin: Corporate Admin
Page: Settings > Advanced Settings > Nexio APM Sandbox
URL: [CLIENTID].corpadmin.directscale[ENVIRONMENT].com/Settings/NexioApmSandbox
Permission: ViewAdministration(), ViewAdvancedSettings()

  Use test credentials when testing within your stage environment. The Nexio APM Sandbox uses real order numbers. Payments are processed if you enter actual credentials. Proceed with caution.

DirectScale offers a Sandbox within Corporate Admin where you can test your Alternate Payment Methods before going live. Using the Nexio APM Sandbox will allow you to interact with the APM buttons as they are configured with DirectScale.

Check the Display instructions box for additional information on Enabling APM Buttons, Public APM Operations, Rendering API iframes, and Handling Customer Redirect Events.

Display Instructions selection

To test Alternate Payment Method functionality:

    1. Complete the required fields shown on the Input Form.
      • Customer
      • Currency Code
      • Order Type
      • Region
      • Store
      • Shipping Method ID
      • Warehouse ID
      • Items
      Input Form
    2. Click Submit.
    3. A Success or Error message will appear confirming which buttons were generated for the order.

      As the various APM buttons appear within the Sandbox, you may experience an Error 418 message to inform you that Apple Pay does not support the current device. This error applies to both testing and live environments. Refer to Devices compatible with Apple Pay and Sandbox Testing for more information.

      If you experience other errors, contact DirectScale support.

    4. Select the appropriate APM button to begin testing.
    5. Proceed with the corresponding verification and payment steps based on the selected APM.
    6. You will now be directed to the APM Sandbox Customer Redirect page. This page contains Redirect Information and Returned Data.
        Apple Pay, Google Pay, and PayPal do not automatically redirect the customer. Manual redirect is required for these APMs using the provided Returned Data. Check the Display instructions box and refer to the Handling Customer Redirect Events section for more information.
    7. Review the Order History tab on the Associate’s Detail page to confirm the order was successful.
    8. Select Reset to clear the form and continue testing.

Enabling APMs in Web Office

  All desired APMs must be mapped in Corporate Admin before enabling APM functionality for Web Office.

Once you've successfully set up and tested APMs in Corporate Admin, you can offer the configured APMs as an additional payment option for Associates in Web Office.

To activate Alternate Payment Methods in Web Office:

  1. Contact customer care.
  2. Request to enable the Order APM Support feature toggle.
  To test APM functionality, place an order in your Web Office stage environment after the Order APM Support toggle has been enabled to verify if the new payment method was deployed successfully.

Customer Care Internal Steps

To enable Web Office APM support:

  1. Access the DirectScale Tools Portal.
  2. Select Feature Toggles.
    Feature Toggles
  3. Locate the Order APM Support section.
    Order APM Support section
  4. Expand Client overrides.
  5. Click the button.
    Add client override button
  6. Enter the client's name.
    Client name entry
  7. Check the box for each environment required by the client. 
    Order APM Support checkboxes
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