Release Notes: November 04, 2022


Just Launched!

  • Developer Changelog - We are proud to announce the arrival of an all-new Developer Changelog! Here we will provide essential updates for Developers and Clients using our Platform.

Corporate Admin 

  • Extension Pages - Updated nomenclature for the extension pages in the Developer Tools section to be more consistent. 
    • Hook Manager is now “Process Hooks”
    • Event Subscriptions is now “Webhooks”
  • GetAlternatePaymentMethods Endpoint - Fixed the API endpoint’s order source to reflect the public API properly. 

Web Office

  • Two-Column Business Snapshot - Created an additional Business Snapshot widget that supports a two-column layout. Refer to Home > Business Snapshot Widgets for more information. 

Upcoming Improvements

  • Corporate Admin enhancement that allows users to view the changes that have been completed within Corporate Admin on a single page.
  • Public API update for the Search Associates API to allow filtering so that external callers don’t have to filter out large data sets manually. 
  • Web Office support for Nexio Alternate Payment Methods (APM) money-in integration to provide payment acceptance using popular APMs like ApplePay, GooglePay, and PayPal.



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