Release Notes: December 10, 2020


Here’s what’s new with DirectScale the week of December 10th, 2020.

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🎁 New Features and 🌟 Enhancements for All!

🎁 NEW! Split Packages API [Corp Admin API] A group of new APIs have been created to support the ongoing project for us to better support orders being split among multiple packages. The new APIs enable 3rd party logistics companies to split an order into multiple packages and send that package information back to DirectScale for us to track and display properly. Check out the APIs in the developer documentation or reach out to us for more information on how to implement the new processes. Also, keep an eye on the release notes for even more support for splitting packages.

🌟 Improved! New Package Fields [Corp Admin] Along with the support for splitting packages via the API, we have a few new fields available on the package record. Carrier can display which shipping carrier is being supplied. Ship By Date will display when the package has been created but not shipped yet and allows the 3PL to supply a date it will be expected to be shipped. Date Shipped will show only once it has been shipped. We also made the item SKU clickable through to the inventory details page!

🔮 Upcoming! Improved Unified Checkout Experience [Retail Site] Our teams are constantly working to improve the shopping experience and right now they are busy working on a whole new way to shop and checkout. Keep your eye on the release notes in the next few weeks to see what’s coming and how to take advantage of these new features.


🐞 Bugs That Have Been Squashed

🐞Fixed: Guests Created with the Name Guest Guest [Retail Site] When a guest checks out on the Retail Site, sometimes the name wasn’t getting passed into the Associate record and instead it was being saved as Guest Guest. This has been fixed so guest checkouts can be properly tracked. 


📘 Help Center and Training

📘New! Using XML [Developers] New article to guide commission developers through using XML within the platform.

📘New! Template Name [Developers] New article to help commission developers through this part of Commission Resources.

📘New! Volume Ranges (Date Range) [Developers] New article to help commission developers through this part of Commission Resources.

📘New! Defining Volumes [Developers] New article to help commission developers through this part of Commission Resources.

📘New! Setting Bonus Paid Amount [Article] Added a new article to expand details about the Bonus features.

📘New! Web Office URL Variables [Article] Added a new article to define and explain details about using variables in the Web Office.

📘New! Viewing Associate Trees in the Corporate Office [Video] Added this video and Manually Resetting an Associate's Web Office Password, Disabling an Associate's Web Office Login to accompany their corresponding articles.

🌟 Improved! Weekly Binary Compensation Plan XML Template [Developers] Improved the text flow and added links to additional related content.

🌟 Improved! Single Sign-On (SSO): Inbound/Outbound [Developers] Split up article for better visibility, made content improvements, and added links to other resources.

🌟 Improved! Creating Rules [Developers] Added more information and examples for customizing.

🌟 Improved! Adding Inventory Prices and Discounts [Article] Added the Bonus Paid link.

🌟 Improved! Auditing Commission Profiles [Article] Updated payout by charts, general text flow improvements, and added links to other similar resources.

🌟 Improved! Configuring Additional Advanced Email Settings [Article] Added additional images and removed references to the Email Template Override Date and Email Template Customer Service Phone settings because these are not used in the code.


🔮 What Cool Things Are We Working On?

  • Improving shipping package support and stock level enhancements
  • Ongoing enhancements to improve Retail Admin’s ease of use and add new configurable settings.
  • We are creating a DirectScale Marketplace for customers to get access to Apps, Integrations, and other Expert services.
  • We are gathering more Compensation Plan code examples and documentation for developers.
  • We are working on a Troubleshooting project to improve articles with steps to resolve issues in addition to showing how to do something in the platform.

Is something missing from this list? Report bugs that you find to our amazing Support Team by chatting with them from the platform or submitting a request here.  

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Are we missing an article, video, or training resource? Add your request for new documentation or training ideas in the comments here.



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