Release Notes: February 6, 2020


Here’s what’s new with DirectScale the week of February 6th, 2020.

As the snow is coming down in Utah, our teams are dedicated to keep delivering the features that matter most to our clients. It’s amazing to see how much work can get done when we are all stuck working from home!  If you are in Utah (or another snow-ridden location), stay safe; and if you aren’t stuck in the snow like us — lucky you!

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🎁 New Features and 🌟 Enhancements for All!

🎁 New! SQL Helper Suggestions [Corporate Office] Knowing how to write the exact SQL, which tables are available, or even how to get the spelling of a column right can be rather difficult. Now if you press CTRL+SPACE in the SQL Manager or when creating a Custom Report via the SQL Builder, you will see a list of tables, columns, and SQL commands (read how).

🌟 Improved! Saving on Inventory Items In Context [Corporate Office] Previously, every time you would save an Inventory Item you would be taken back to the General tab. This was annoying, so we now just save and keep you on the tab on which you were working.  

🌟 Improved! Removed SEO Keywords from Inventory Items [Corporate Office] Continuing on with cleaning out unused or unimplemented features, we’ve removed another field no one used in the Inventory Item: SEO Keywords.  

🌟 Improved! Retired Old Squire Code [Corporate Office] Our devs get so happy when they get to clean out old code that was just taking up space. Squire updated their APIs quite a while ago, and we finally feel safe enough to remove their previous methods. 

🌟 Improved! Unified User Management [Corporate Office & Web Office Admin] This is the first step as we work on unifying all our admin experiences. We removed the user management from the Web Office, and now all users who have access to the Corporate Office have access to the Web Office Admin.

🌟 Improved! Volumes, Order History, and AutoShip Settings are Publishable [Web Office Admin] Just like other areas of the Web Office Admin, we’ve added the ability to publish the Volumes, Order History, and AutoShip settings from one environment to another. 


🐞 Bugs That Have Been Squashed

🐞Fixed: Inventory Flag for No Shipping Wasn’t Being Followed [Corporate Office] This bug got uncovered after we fixed the inventory weight bug last week. The flag, on the Item details, that sets an item to not charge shipping is now working as designed. 

🐞Fixed: Shipping Methods That Didn’t Include a 0 Level Were Charging More [Corporate Office] This is another bug that has been around for a while, but got uncovered with the inventory weight bug from last week. If a warehouse was using tables and weights to calculate shipping but there wasn’t a 0 level, the shipping defaulted to the most expensive option. 

🐞Fixed: SQL Custom Reports Timeout Increase [Corporate Office] We had the timeout on larger SQL queries set to 30 seconds, which caused a lot of common reports to timeout. This has been increased to 120 seconds. 

🐞Fixed: Publish from Live to Other Environments Not Working [Retail Site Admin] Publishing was working when going from Stage to Live, but not Live to Stage. This has been fixed, but really you should be doing your changes in Stage first then publishing to Live :/

🐞Fixed: AutoShips Defaulting to the 25th [Retail Site] Some setting got added that defaulted all new AutoShips to the 25th. This has been fixed to match everywhere else AutoShips are created, which is one month after the current day (i.e., if I set up an AutoShip today, it will default to March 6th).


🔮 What Cool Things Are We Working On?

  • We are getting close to wrapping up the improvements to the SQL reporting experience in the Corporate Office. 
  • We are exploring ideas around making more data around commissions visible in the Web Office.
  • Better backup options for when tax providers go down. 
  • Ongoing Retail Admin improvements to improve ease of use and add new configurable settings.


Is something missing from this list? Report bugs that you find to our amazing Support Team by chatting with them from the platform or submitting a request here.   

Do you have a cool idea for a new feature? Join the community discussion to suggest new features and see other ideas you might have never thought of here.



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