Release Notes: February 11, 2022


Corporate Admin

  • Autoship Forecast – A new setting has been added that will improve the performance of the report in exchange for eliminating the retry vs first attempt data from the report.  If you experience long load times for the autoship forecast, enabling this setting should help.  We also fixed a bug in the report that caused the autoship subtotals to be incorrect sometimes.  Learn More
  • Header Branding Logo – In preparation for the Corporate Admin user interface redesign, which goes live next month, we have added a setting for another branding logo that will go in the header in the updated design.
  • Extension Management – The Administration > Deployment page (which required a release toggle) is now Administration > Extension, and from there we’ve added several new pages to help you manage your custom code implementations.  Note:  Functionality on these new pages varies depending on your specific setup.
    • Deployment – Manage code deployments for the extension.  (Requires a release toggle)
    • Legacy Deployment – Manage code deployments for the legacy extension.  (Requires a release toggle)
    • Hooks – Manage available hooks for custom code implementation.
    • Events – Manage and subscribe to system events.
    • Merchants – Manage your custom merchant integrations.
    • Pages – Manage your custom admin pages.
    • Settings – Manage your extension connection settings.

Upcoming Improvements

  • Prevent duplicate payment methods in the database
  • Reward point expiration date - further improvement on the ledger
  • Advanced search/filters for creating commission payment batches
  • New user interface design in Corporate Admin
  • New dashboard with widgets and reports in Corporate Admin



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