Reporting Stock Level Discrepancies

Admin: Corporate Admin
Page: Inventory > Stock Levels
Permission: ViewStockLevels(), InventoryReports()

After adding inventory items to the Stock Levels page, you can report any discrepancy in Quantity On Hand amounts. The system calculated the amount of in-stock items available. Due to user error or otherwise, these amounts can be off. You can create a report that notes these discrepancies. After you view this report, you can commit it, and the levels will adjust to their proper amounts.

Reporting Stock Levels

  1. Click the Report Levels button.

    You navigate to the Report Levels page.

    Report Levels page
  2. Enter the Current QOH (Quantity on Hand) for each item with a discrepancy.

  3. Enter an Explanation for the change.

  4. Click Submit Report.

    You navigate back to the Stock Levels page.

    A Pending Stock Report notification displays at the bottom of the page.

    Pending Stock Report notification
  5. In the notification, click the View Report button to navigate to the report.

Viewing a Report

  1. Click the Stock Reports button to view all the added reports.

    Stock Reports page
  2. Click the icon to view and commit your report.

    You navigate to the Stock Report page.

  3. Click the Commit Report button.

    The system updates the On Hand levels for the items reported.

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