Creating Global Coupons

Admin: Corporate Admin
Page: Sales > Coupons
Permission: ViewSales()

You can create "Global" coupons that’ll automatically apply to any orders with coupons enabled. Creating Global coupons follows a similar process as creating any coupon.

Steps specific to creating Global coupons:

  1. In Corporate Admin, navigate to Sales > Coupons.

  2. Create a New Coupon.

    Required fields

    Global coupons must have the following fields completed:

    • Begin Date

    • Regions

    • Coupon Type

    • Discount Type

    • Discount

    • Min. Item Quantity

    • SKUs

  3. Leave the Coupon Code field blank.

  4. Click Save.

    A pop-up requests confirmation.

    Global coupon confirmation pop-up
  5. Click Save Coupon to confirm.

The form will still save, creating a coupon with the Coupon Code column blank:

Added Global coupon with Coupon Code field blank

You can add multiple Global coupons. Added Global coupons automatically apply on the Checkout page.

Global coupon available to apply in Corporate Store
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