Creating Coupons

Admin: Corporate Admin
Page: Tools > Coupons
Permission: ViewSales()

You can create coupons tied to specific Associates, items, and regions on the Coupons page. Coupons discount an order’s cost, as well as the QV, CV, and Bonuses.

Creating a Coupon

  1. Click + Add Coupon.

    Add Coupon

    The Create New Coupon pop-up window opens.

    Create New Coupon
  2. Complete the necessary fields.

    Although not indicated in the pop-up, the following fields are required for proper use:

    Click each link to view more details.

  3. Click Save Changes.

Selecting a Coupon Type

  • Item Discount - Discount the item’s price.

      Must have an inventory SKU selected to work.
  • Order Discount - Discount the entire order’s total.

  • Shipping Discount - Discount the shipping price.

Setting Minimums

Depending on the Coupon Type selection, you can set the minimum:

  • Item Quantity - The Associate must have at least the entered amount of qualified items in their cart.

  • Price (USD) - The Associate must have at least the entered amount as their order’s total.

Price (USD) field

Selecting a Discount Type

  • Percent - The discount will reduce a set percentage.

  • Amount - The discount will reduce the specified amount.

    1. Enter the discount or percentage amount in the Discount field.

Entering a Coupon Code

  1. Enter a coupon code of your choice.

    An Admin or Associate can enter this code to apply the coupon in the Checkout page in the eCommerce Shop and Web Office Store (if enabled).

      Leave the field blank to create a Global Coupon.

Global Coupons

Global Coupons automatically apply to the Associates that meet the selected requirements. Leave the Coupon Code field blank to create a Global Coupon.

For more information, see Creating Global Coupons.

Selecting Order Types

When creating inventory items, you select the Order Types while adding a Price Adjustment.

Configure the coupon to work for specific or multiple Order Types.

  • None - By default, the coupon will apply to all Order Types.

  • Standard

  • AutoShip

  • Enrollment

  • VolumeAdjustment

    1. Click the Order Types field and select an Order Type.

    2. Repeat for each Order Type.

Setting Coupon Promotion Period

  1. In the Begin Date field, select the day the coupon will be first available.

  2. You can set an expiration date in the End Date field or leave it blank for coupons that never expire.

      The coupon will be usable through 11:59 PM of the End Date field’s entry.

    If not set, the End Date defaults to 12/31/9999.

Selecting Qualified Items

If you selected the Item Discount Coupons Type, you must choose the corresponding SKU(s).

  1. Click the SKUs field to see a dropdown of all available SKUs.

  2. Start typing in the field to narrow the list.

  3. Click the SKU to apply.

      Associates must add every SKU selected to the order for the discount to apply.
  4. Repeat for each applicable SKU.

Selecting Regions

Limit coupons to specific regions.

  1. Click the Regions field and select each applicable region.

  If you want the coupon to apply to all regions, it is best to leave this field blank. That way, if you ever add a new region, you won’t have to update the coupon.

Selecting Associates

In the Customer IDs field, you can enter IDs (regardless of Associate Type) for those who will qualify for the coupon.

  1. Use the search bar under the Customer IDs field to find an Associate’s IDs.

  2. Select each Associate as necessary.

    The selected Associates can only use the coupon once unless the Recurring checkbox is enabled.

  Coupons with no IDs selected will apply to all Associates.

Selecting Price Groups

Limit your coupon usage to specific Price Groups.

  1. Click the Price Groups field.

  2. Select from the list of available Price Groups.

    You can select as many as you need.

      You can also type the Price Group name. Then, press Enter on your keyboard to set the value.

One-Time Use Coupons

  1. The Recurring checkbox remains unchecked by default. If left unchecked, the coupon may only be utilized once.

    One-time use coupons may be created either as first come first serve, or for use by a specific individual or group of Associates.

    Leaving the Customer IDs field blank with the Recurring checkbox unchecked allows for generic use to only the first individual to successfully enter the coupon code. Once used, the coupon may not be utilized by anyone else. 

Enabling Reusable Coupons

  1. Check the Recurring checkbox to allow a coupon to be used more than once.

    Reusable coupons may only be assigned to specific individuals or groups by entering the ID of each Associate within the Customer IDs field. 

    If the Customer IDs field is left blank, the coupon will be available to everyone. 

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