Entering ThreatMetrix Fraud Prevention Credentials

Admin: Corporate Admin
Page: Settings > Advanced Settings > Fraud Prevention
URL: [CLIENTID].corpadmin.directscalestage.com/Settings?category=Fraud%20Prevention
Permission: ViewAdministration(), ViewAdvancedSettings()

After creating an account with ThreatMetrix Fraud Prevention, enter your credentials in Corporate Admin.

  For testing purposes, add credentials to your Stage environment first (if available).
  1. Select ThreatMetrix in the Fraud Prevention Provider dropdown.

    Fraud Prevention Provider dropdown
  2. Locate the ThreatMetrix section.

    ThreatMetrix section
  3. Enter the OrgId.

  4. Enter the API Key value.

  5. Select Is Live to activate Fraud Prevention in your Live environment.

  6. Click Save Changes.

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