Stage Environment Introduction

✨ Available for Business and Premium tiers

The Stage environment allows you to test the features and code of the DirectScale Platform safely, ensuring they work as intended before making them live.

Accessing the Stage Environment

There is a Stage environment for the Corporate Admin, Admin pages, Web Office, and the eCommerce Shop.

You can access the Stage environment using two methods:

  1. Affix stage to directscale in your Platform URL.

    For Example: [EXAMPLECLIENTID].admin.directscale*stage*.com

  2. If you are using the Unified Admin, you can click the Environment Module dropdown and select Switch to Stage.

    Environment Module dropdown

Setting Up the Stage Environment

Set up the Stage environment after setting up your Live environment to match your setting preferences from Live to Stage.

Set up Stage for each of your Admin pages, using your Live environment as a guide for each. There are additional methods to use for efficiency.

Corporate Admin

The Corporate Admin requires the most manual set up for your Stage environment.

The DirectScale Platform performs a Data Copy of the Data Base from your Live environment to your Stage environment every night.

  1. Go through Stage after a Data Copy and compare it to Live to determine the transferred data.
  2. Once you know what you need to configure, use the Initial Setup Checklist to complete the rest of the Corporate Admin’s Stage set up.

You don’t need to configure some features in Stage; these are your Payment Mapping and your Tax Credentials.

The Stage environment needs different Payment Mapping configurations than Live to properly test orders.

To avoid tax issues from test order processing, do not include your Live Tax Credentials.

If you are needing to tet these Live features specifically see these resources:

Web Office and eCommerce Admins

Both the Web Office and eCommerce Admins have a publishing feature integrated into their functionality. This allows you to use your already set up configurations in Live and override them to Stage.

For more information, see:

Testing using the Stage Environment

When you’re ready to begin extensive testing in Stage, contact Customer Care and ask for the Data Copy to be disabled. This is so that the data coming from Live won’t add your live tax credentials or override anything you may be continuing to test. When you want to enable the Data Copy again, re-contact Customer Care.

Ensure that implementations and configurations are created within Stage function properly before adding them to Live.

If you are testing your custom pages and using the AWS (Amazon Web Service) to hold assets for them, know that the Stage and Live environments have different file references. This means that any assets and code for the custom page will need to be re-added manually from the Stage file reference to the Live one.

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