Understanding Associate IDs

The DirectScale Platform has two Associate-related IDs: the Associate ID and Back Office ID. Besides just identifying Associates, you can use these IDs for writing queries or custom code.

Associate ID

The Associate ID is an internal ID used by Corporate for all backend functions that are tied to any particular Associate in the Database.

This ID may also be referred to as:

  • DirectScale ID

  • Distributor ID

This ID is the recordnumber of the CRM_Distributors table and appears on the Associate’s Detail page.

Associate Detail page

Back Office ID

The Back Office ID is an external ID Associates know as their own. This ID is typically used in the Web Office and eCommerce Shop.

This ID may also be referred to as the Customer ID.

  In the public API there is a parameter called customerId, this parameter doesn’t refer to this ID type, but rather the Associate ID. If you are looking to call this ID use the backofficeId parameter.

This ID can also be viewed on the Associate Detail page.

Associate Detail page

For more information, see: Building Back Office IDs to learn how to customize Back Office ID generation.

Correctly Referencing IDs that are Configured to Match

If you’ve configured your Associate ID and Back Office ID to match and you are writing a query or custom code, you can’t interchange the IDs. The Associate ID is more commonly referenced in these instances, but there are specific queries that deliberately request the Back Office ID.

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