Viewing an Associate’s Detail Summary

Admin: Corporate Admin
Page: Associates > Find Associates > Associate Detail
Permission: EditAssociate()

The Associate’s Detail page is their account record. From here, you can view an Associate’s stats, orders, commissions, and Trees.

Viewing Customer ID and DirectScale ID

Next to an Associate’s name is the Customer ID (the Associate’s Back Office ID) and the DirectScale ID (otherwise known as the Associate ID).

Customer ID and DirectScale ID

Associate Management Options

Button bar

The button bar gives you quick access to several key features.

Click each link for more information.

Associate Information

Associate Information section

The Associate Information section provides an at-a-glance summary of the Associate.

  1. Profile Image - Pulled in from their Web Office.

    If you want to change the default Associate profile image, contact Customer Care.

  2. Associate’s Full Name

  3. Associate Account Status - Learn more about Associate statuses.

  4. Associate Type - Learn more about Associate Types.

    You can configure the Associate Types. See Adding Associate Types to learn how.

  5. Email Address

  6. Phone Number

  7. Webalias - The Associate’s shop site name. Typically, this matches their username.

  8. ID Number - The Associate’s unique Back Office ID or Customer ID.

  9. Enrollment Date

  10. Preferred Language

You can also enable the Start Date (the date they became their current Associate Type) to display. Read Tracking Associate Start Date to learn how.


Organization section

The Organization section displays where the Associate is immediately placed within their Tree structure. You can select the corresponding Associate name to open their Detail page.

If you have a Coding Tree, you can view and edit the coding here. For more information, see Setting up the Coding Tree.

Coding field


Statistics section

The Statistics section displays all the KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) achieved by the Associate. You determine these values in your compensation plan. Several of the KPIs are available in Web Office Business Snapshot widget.

  Are you a Binary type? Learn about Tracking Instant Rollover

Historical Group Volume

Historical Group Volume chart

Historical Group Volume chart displays Group Volume (GV) obtained over the past year. Hover your cursor over the bars to view the GV amount.

Billing & Payment

Billing & Payment section

The Billing & Payment section displays information used for orders and commission payments.

  • Shipping Address - Associate Address where physical items are sent. Edit this information with the Edit Associate page.

  • Payment Merchant - View and assign the commission payment provider. If you support multiple payment methods, you can configure which way is used for the current commission period.

    For more information, see Mapping Money Out Commission Merchants.

  • Commissions Status - Displays the commission status. Change the Associate’s commission status to one that has the desired Commission Class selected. Learn more in Changing Associate Statuses.

  • TaxID - This is the TaxID/FIN/SSN collected during enrollment. Edit this information using the Edit Associate page (TaxID/FIN/SSN field).

  • Tax Resale Number - If the Associate is tax-exempt, their information will display here.

Account Activity

Account Activity section

The Account Activity section features two tabs:

  • Service Log

  • Notification Log

For more information, see Using the Associate Service Log.

Custom Fields

Custom Fields section

If you have Associate Custom Fields set up, they display in a Custom Fields section.

For more information, see Custom Fields.


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