Error Code Reference

This reference lists different Error Codes that can occur when problems occur in the DirectScale Platform.

DateTime Conversion Error

This error can occur when trying to save feature configurations that use dates or time limits. For example, discounts, promotions, etc. Common Causes are:

  • If there is a string type converting characters, numbers, etc. to a DateTime type and the conversion isn’t an actual date.

  • The conversion attempt fails.

  • The date-range limit is exceeded. For example, if you tried to put 99999999 as the year.

Error Message

The conversion of a varchar data type to a datetime data type resulted in an out-of-range value.

Error Solution

  1. Ensure that the entry added in the date-related field is accurate and formatted correctly.

  2. If the error still occurs, contact Customer Care.

Error Code 8621

This error can occur when trying to run an SQL query, and it’s too large.

Error Message

The service has encountered an error processing your request. Please try again. Error code 8621.

Error Solution

  1. Use this Microsoft SQL Document: MSSQLSERVER_8621 for more information on fixing this error.

Order Processing Error (Elasticsearch)

This error can occur when trying to process an order. Generally, the cause of the issue is related to the Client Extension.

Error Message

Message: Error processing order: The type initializer for ‘Elasticsearch.Net.ConnectionConfiguration’ threw an exception.

Error Solution

  1. Contact Customer Care. They will be able to use internal tools to be able to find the source of the issue.

Invalid Credit Card Error

This error can occur when using a feature that processes a credit card. Causes may be:

  • An item in the order is not included in the right cart.

  • There is an error with the credit card setup.

Error Message

Invalid Credit Card

Error Solution

  1. If you’ve ensured the previous options mentioned are not the source of the issue, contact Customer Care.

Unexpected Origin Error

This error can occur when users are trying to enroll.

Error Message

Unexpected Origin

Error Solution

  1. Clear the user’s browser cache.

  2. Contact Customer Care if the error continues to occur.

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