1. Frequently Asked Questions


  1. How Do I Disable the Social Security Number (SSN) Requirement?
  2. Is There a Set Time Period for the "Inactive" Status Class?
  3. Can't View an Associate's Site or Enroll Under Them
  4. Can I Change a Back Office ID (Customer ID)?
  5. Tracking Start Date Error on the Associate Details Page


  1. How Do Associate Statuses Affect Commissions?
  2. Inadvertently Triggered Payments to a Test Associate
  3. Duplicating Commission Period Entries
  4. Associate Stats Not Updating (Stale Stats)
  5. Commission Payment Authorization Error

eCommerce Shop

  1. Added Banners Are Not Displaying in the eCommerce Shop
  2. New Retail Customers have "No Address on File"
  3. Associate ID is Not Valid Error during Enrollment
  4. Out of Stock Products Can Still be Purchased in the eCommerce Shop


  1. Is There a Way to Delete the Images in the Select Image Pop-up?
  2. Inventory Items Not Pushing to Shipping Carriers
  3. Inventory Item Options Won't Save
  4. Product Name is Required Error

Web Office

  1. Edit User Pop-up Won't Save
  2. Re-running Failed Orders in Web Office
  3. Out of Stock Products Can Still be Purchased in the Web Office


  1. Can I Edit the Description on an Imported Order's Detail Page?
  2. Coupon Code(s) Field is Missing on the Corporate Shop Checkout Page
  3. What Does Canceling an Order Do?

AutoShip and Subscriptions

  1. AutoShip Frequency Dropdown is Missing Options
  2. Subscriptions Not Renewing After Expiration Date


  1. "Coupon Code name has already been used. Parameter name: Code"


  1. Is There a Report that Shows "Active" vs. "Inactive" Inventory Items

Employees (Admin Users)

  1. Full Access User Can't Access Admin Pages

Payment Providers (Merchants)

  1. Payment Provider (Merchant) Authorization has Expired

Countries and Languages

  1. "Object reference not set to an instance of an object" Error When Adding Region Locale