Adjusting Shipping and Tax on Orders

Admin: Corporate Admin
Page: Associate Detail > Shop > New Corporate Order
Permission: CreateOrder()

In the Corporate Shop, you can adjust the shipping and tax amounts for an order.

Creating an Order in the Corporate Shop

  1. Go through the order process (add an item to the cart and check out).

  2. Once you reach the Checkout page, return to this article to learn how to adjust shipping and tax amounts.

Adjusting Shipping and Tax Amounts

Checkout page

On the Checkout page:

  1. Click the corresponding ●●● for either Shipping or Tax.

      You must have the OverrideTax() permission set for your Role.

    The Override Shipping/Tax pop-up window opens.

    Override Shipping pop-up
  2. In the pop-up, enter the new Shipping or Tax amounts.

  3. Click Set Overrides.

The new override values display in red.

Shipping override value
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